Maleny Queensland - Heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland


This sign is positioned at McCarthy Lookout and gives information on the famous Glasshouse Mountains.

They were so named by Captain Cook when he first viewed them, on 17th May 1770, from off the coastline!
The reflections and shape of the mountains reminded him of the glass manufacturing houses in England. These are one of SE Queensland's top tourist attractions.


Tibrogargan, the father and Beerwah the mother, had many children - Coonowrin (the eldest), Beerburrum, the Tunbubudla twins, Coochin, Ngungun, Tibberoowuccum, Miketeebumulgrai and Elimbah. According to legend there was also Round, who was fat and small and Wild Horse (presumably Saddleback), who was always straying to paddle in the sea. One day, when Tibrogargan was gazing out to sea, he noticed a great rising of the waters. Hurrying off to gather his younger children to flee to the safety of the mountains to the West, he called out to Coonowrin to help his mother, who once again was with child. Looking back to see if Coonowrin was assisting Beerwah, Tibrogargan was greatly angered to see him running off alone and raising his club, struck him such a mighty blow that it dislocated Coonowrin's neck and he has never been able to straighten it since! After the floods had subsided and the family had returned to the plains, the other children teased Coonowrin about his crooked neck. Feeling ashamed, Coonowrin went to Tibrogargan and asked for forgiveness but filled with shame at his son's cowardice, Tibrogargan could do nothing but weep copious tears which trickled along the ground and formed a stream, flowing into the sea. Then Coonowrin went to his brothers and sisters but they also wept at the shame of their brother's cowardice. The lamentations of Coonowrin's parents and his brothers and sisters at his disgrace explain the presence today of numerous small streams in the area. Tibrogargan then called Coonowrin, asking him why he had deserted Beerwah; at which Coonowrin replied that as Berwah was the biggest of them all she should be able to take care of herself. He did not know that Beerwah was again pregnant, which was the reason for her great size. Then Tibrogargan turned his back on Coonowrin and vowed that he would never look at him again. Even today, Tibrogargan gazes far out to sea and never looks at Coonowrin, who hangs his head and cries, his tears running off to sea. His mother, Beerwah is still heavy with child as it takes a long, long time to give birth to a mountain.

A view of the Glasshouse Mountains taken from the McCarthy Look Out.



A view of the Glasshouse Mountains taken from Mary Cairncross Park. The park includes one of the largest plots of original rainforest still remaining in SE Queensland. The Maleny area was an attraction to early settlers because of the vast amount of timber available, especially the giant cedar trees. Many of these were logged and the timber transported to the UK!


A view of the Glasshouse Mountains taken at dawn. Notice how the mist has accumulated in the lower ground and is reflecting the strong red tinged rays of the sun as it ascends the horizon!



You really must make this one of the places that you visit!